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8" TV Celebrity Tribute Candle -Set of 5 Star Trek the Kirk Years: Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu and McCoy - Heavenly geekery


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8" Celebrity Tribute Gods/Goddess Candle - Miley Cyrus - Heavenly geekery


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8" Celebrity Tribute Candle - Robert Smith of The CURE - Heavenly geekery


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8" Celebrity Tribute Candle - Superbowl Football Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos - Heavenly geekery


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8" Celebrity Tribute Candle - Steve Buscemi Fargo Boardwalk beard - Heavenly geekery


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8" Celebrity Tribute Devotional Candle - RuPaul - Heavenly geekery


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Artcessories by Dakota - Art Pop Culture

Welcome - Celebrity Prayer Tribute Candles of more than 250 celebs at www.artcessoriesbydakota.com ! Detailed pop culture and parody all at one time. AFTER CELEBRITY THERE IS SAINTHOOD! Pick one up! Please feel free to make a request or have one made of you or your beloved friend or pet! I am pretty flexible when it comes to art and your ideas! www.superstarcandles.com too!